• Significantly fewer part numbers
  • Reduced complexity of carpet maps
  • Fewer part numbers to track through the system
  • SkyPaxxx creates the carpet map, reducing your workload
  • No toxic additives to maintain flammability certifications
  • Low moisture cleaning method
  • No toxic or potentially cancer causing compounds needed for flammability certification


  • One source for all your carpet needs
  • Fewer part numbers simplifies purchasing process
  • Fewer purchasing events takes some of the burden off purchasing
  • No serging needed reduces a step in the process
  • Simplified spares purchasing


  • Unlimited color options
  • Extend your brand from the aircraft to the gate, lounge, check in and offices
  • Sky-Tiles® carpet tiles are available with your logo
  • Sky-Tiles® carpet tiles are 100% recyclable providing a great story about your support for the environment
  • No toxic or potentially cancer causing compounds are added, showing you care for the health of your passengers and crew
  • An overall better looking and more aesthetically pleasing interior


  • Selective replacement enables individual carpet tiles to be replaced in minutes, with the seats installed. Even at the gate
  • No shrinking and ease of storage allows you to stock ready to install spares
  • Proven to last twice as long as any other carpet reducing replacement events
  • Easier to maintain
  • Allows for aggressive cleaning
  • Simplified part number system makes replacement easier
  • No seams to fray

Sustainability & Environment

  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured in a certified climate neutral facility
  • No toxic or potentially cancer causing compounds added
  • Organic antimicrobial